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 Cough, cough, cough...

So much dust. Cough...

no paid

I don't use this LJ much these days. Come April, I'm going away from a PAID account. Goodbye to a whole lotta userpics, some other content, I imagine, and hello to ads, probably.

Nina Kiriki Hoffman collection cover

And just revealed, the front cover for PERMEABLE BORDERS by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.

I never posted the UNPOSSIBLE cover on Live Journal. Mainly because I don't really live over here anymore. If you hadn't heard, it was a Publisher's Weekly Best Book of 2011!


Four months between posts!

So what I would like to say is....

It was a good Hugo Awards in several ways for alumni from Talebones.

Of course the emcees for the night were Talebones alums (and Fairwood Press authors) Jay Lake & Ken Scholes, who kept the crowd chuckling and groaning as they got just about every famous Hugo mentioned until realizing it was Hugo Gernsback the awards were named after.

Carrie Vaughn, who had a number of stories in the magazine, including her first published story, was nominated for Best Short Story.

Mary Robinette Kowal (two stories in the magazine) won the Hugo for Best Short Story.

Nick Mamatas, who also had his first sale in Talebones, was nominated for Best Editor, Long Form.

Aliette de Bodard, who had a story in the final Talebones, was nominated for Best Novelette

And Talebones artist Brad Foster won the Hugo for Best Fan Artist.

Pretty dang awesome job everyone!

California trip pictures

And here are some pictures from our trip to California a week plus ago. This was a 2400 mile road trip in 8 days! Bonney Lake WA to Eugene, to Sacramento, to LA, for Magic Mountain and Disneyland. Then back up to Sacramento (sister Melanie there this time), and up the Redwood Highway to Arcata and my brother Paul's place, before heading home.



Last post, May 1st.

Posted these pics a while back on Flicrk and announced on Facebook, but decided I should give the link here, too, for those not on Facebook.

These are pics of the week I was in Montana to see family for my dad's funeral earlier this summer.