Patrick Swenson (tbclone47) wrote,
Patrick Swenson

Subscription drive

It's been near two years since the days of the "Save Talebones" campaign. That little venture did indeed keep the magazine rolling, and proved to me how connected we all are these days in the age of the Net.

I've just sent out email renewal notices to subscribers (paper ones for those for whom I have no email address go out Monday, I hope). There was a tone of seriousness in the renewal notice, but not one of dire panic. I'm not in quite the same place I was a few years ago. I'm not crying out that the magazine will close if this drive isn't successful.

Not yet, anyway.

Seriously, the subscriptions and renewals have not kept up with my costs at all, so little by little, I've whittled that fund down to the point where I've got to creatively figure out how to get an issue paid for. And of course the best way is to get renewals in, and new subscriptions on the books. A lot of the money raised earlier came from a whole mess load of sample copies. I'm sure that in the long run, these orders were "thoughts that count" purchases, for very few of those sample copies turned into subscriptions. 

So here be a little subscription drive. Some of you reading this may already have a subscription. You may have received the email renewal from me. You may have never had a subscription, or you did, but just really don't have the money for one now. 

But if you'll pass the word around, I'd be most grateful. You might hear something from me again, too, for I plan on doing what I did last time, and send an email to my address book. So apologies in advance for that. Forward it on to someone, won't you? Hopefully, the Net will be kind again, and the Word will proliferate, and there will be much Rejoicing. Or at least Posting on blogs, groups, listservs, and so on.

Let's see how it goes. :) 

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