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A Time to Remember Ken

Hi, folks,

I sent emails about this to those who are pretty local, but I'm posting it here too, because I don't have everyone's email, of course, and many of you who knew Ken might not know me that well, and you ARE local. Or you might be around the corner, within driving distance (whatever that means for you). So here's the message:


Due to my extended illness, and the Memorial Day holiday, there just hasn’t been a time for this, but I wanted folks who might be in my local area to have a chance to meet somewhere and honor the memory of Ken Rand. I’m emailing people I know who might have known Ken in some capacity, but I also could very much leave someone out, so do pass the word around. Even if you didn’t know him, or didn’t know him very well, you’re welcome to come. Renee Stern has been a part of organizing this, and she’ll be sending out some emails as well. There could be overlap. Anyway, we’ve decided on a date, a time, and a place:

Sunday, June 7th, at 2 pm, at The Ram Restaurant in the University Village. It’s located at 2650 University Village in Seattle, 98105. (Phone: 206-525-3565)

We’ll grab the bigger tables, put some together as needed, and have some food and drink. It’ll be a chance to toast his memory, and maybe share some great stories. If you can’t come right at 2, no worries. Come when you can. If you can’t make it at all due to other plans, but you feel like you’d like to say something about Ken that we could share while there, feel free to email me something.

I hope to see a lot of Ken’s friends and supporters there!


Patrick Swenson


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May. 26th, 2009 02:28 am (UTC)
My heart will be with all of you as you remeber Ken.
May. 26th, 2009 10:43 am (UTC)
I have nothing but good memories of Ken, a pleasant and decent guy. I'll be there.
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