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Sign of the times in Washington State (and elsewhere)....

Before Winter break, our superintendent advised us of the Governor and Legislature’s reduction of 3.6 million dollars in appropriations for this year’s 2010-2011 ASD budget caused by dramatic reduction in state tax revenue and the rejection of tax initiatives.  Unfortunately, during the break, the Governor proposed to the legislature another 2 million dollars of cuts to the Auburn School District for a total reduction of 5.6 million dollars for this year!

Consequently, there is now a hiring and spending freeze for the remainder of the year.  Only grants, current contractual commitments and essential operating materials are exempt from this freeze. The goal is to reduce current expenditures by 1.25 million dollars this year.  One good thing is that our district HAS had a "rainy day" fund with some reserves, which will be utilized for addressing this dramatic loss of revenue for this school year. The district hopes that freezing expenditures for other than essential needs for the remainder of the year will help with future reductions proposed by the Governor.

Yay for fiscal challenges.

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