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it's been OVER two months since I've posted here. Again, when I post, I tend to do so on Facebook.

But Orion's birthday party on Saturday was a lot of fun. The latest Orion-themed party to challenge us for decorations and such. This year? The video games PORTAL and PORTAL 2!

Since I'm having trouble getting any pics in here, I'll just give the link to the Flickr photostream. All pics taken with my not-so-good camera phone, since my regular camera was left at work:


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Like Water for Quarks....

I believe I haven't yet mentioned: I sold a story to the anthology LIKE WATER FOR QUARKS, appearing at Norwescon. Stories blend quantum theory and magic realism. Half the stories are reprints, and half new. (Mine's new.) I'm in good company! Ray Bradbury, Connie Willis, Ursula Le Guin, Jay Lake, Ray Vukcevich, Greg Bear, Bruce Taylor, Kevin J. Anderson, and many others.
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A few pictures from right near the townhouse in Bonney Lake about an hour ago.

Safe inside, getting cozy, Orion breezes through his homework:

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Harry Potter Exhibition

I took Orion to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Seattle Center last night. It's only there one more week.

Anyway, we had a super time. Lots of wonderful things from the films...it's pretty amazing the level of detail movie makers go to. Naturally, there was the obligatory gift shop at the end, where everything was more expensive than buying it through, say, The Noble Collection catalogue. But, as it was, I ended up springing for the Elder Wand for him.

We ate at Sport restaurant afterward, then had the long drive home. He was asleep by the time we left the Seattle downtown area.

No pictures allowed in the exhibition, but here's one I took after we were done:

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Science is in the fair

This basically ends up being my monthly post...since I last posted here on LJ on Jan 4th...

Orion had a good time at his science fair a few days ago. He did his demonstration on magnets. He didn't do one last year, but two years ago, in the K/1st grade division he won first place.

This year he won 3rd place, amidst the 2nd/3rd grader category...which had double the competition as far as the number of entries went. They could do either a demonstration or experiment. The winning student did something on DNA ... you know, extracting DNA from bananas and such. Ah well. :)

BUT...he was pretty happy with his 3rd place finish!



Sign of the times in Washington State (and elsewhere)....

Before Winter break, our superintendent advised us of the Governor and Legislature’s reduction of 3.6 million dollars in appropriations for this year’s 2010-2011 ASD budget caused by dramatic reduction in state tax revenue and the rejection of tax initiatives.  Unfortunately, during the break, the Governor proposed to the legislature another 2 million dollars of cuts to the Auburn School District for a total reduction of 5.6 million dollars for this year!

Consequently, there is now a hiring and spending freeze for the remainder of the year.  Only grants, current contractual commitments and essential operating materials are exempt from this freeze. The goal is to reduce current expenditures by 1.25 million dollars this year.  One good thing is that our district HAS had a "rainy day" fund with some reserves, which will be utilized for addressing this dramatic loss of revenue for this school year. The district hopes that freezing expenditures for other than essential needs for the remainder of the year will help with future reductions proposed by the Governor.

Yay for fiscal challenges.


Dr Who and such

Yes, I'm making a post here. Don't faint. There may even be more!

I spent a bunch of time the last few nights catching up (a bit) with Torchwood and Dr Who. I finally watched David Tennant's last short season of episodes including the brilliant 2 parter "The End of Time." Sad stuff, but really, really good. I'm looking forward to watching the new Doctor when I get a chance.

Watched the last two episodes of Torchwood season two, and just have the 5 part Children of the Earth to watch. Bummed that is was cancelled.